Our Mission:
To connect the community through information, referral and programming, with the resources that meet the education, health and welfare needs of the children and families in Collier County.
What We Do:
Naples Alliance for Children is Your Navigator & Guide as you seek the information and resources you need. Search the NAFC Resource Directory or Call 239-649-5260.
Executive Summary:
Naples Alliance for Children is a private, charitable, nonprofit, 501(c) 3, volunteer advocacy group, organized in January 1987. The Naples Alliance for Children’s programs is independent of any government funding. Private support makes this independence possible and gives us the ability to monitor children’s services and funding with no strings attached. Our work complements other services provided for children and families in Collier County. Children’s service, education, health and juvenile justice professionals and child advocates are able to exchange ideas and avoid duplication of services by networking through NAFC. Local service agencies derive benefits from the efforts of NAFC committees and the NAFC information center. This organization promotes and supports public and private programs that directly enhance and enrich the lives of children.
Core Values:
Our core values include accessibility to services, support for children in the context of their families, cooperation and resource sharing, quality of children’s services, avoidance of duplication of services, volunteerism, community involvement, prevention, organization stability.
Our Vision:
Collier County is a safe community in which all children are provided with the education, health care and human services necessary to reach their full potential.
Our Strategies:
1. Identify gaps in services
2. Create community awareness of the needs of our children and youth
3. Facilitate the development of resources to address unmet needs
4. Promote coordination and cooperation of all schools, social service agencies and businesses to work in unity for providing the most efficient human service system without duplication
5. Change policies and practices which are ineffective or result in neglect or mistreatment of children
6. Use research, public awareness, education, legislation, community organization and network- building